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10 Superb Tips To Get Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back

- 6th April 2017
Pre-Pregnancy Body

Women often undergo several changes during the 9 months pregnancy term. While some women are lucky to get their pre-pregnancy body back almost immediately after delivery, there are some for whom getting back to shape is a long drawn struggle. Here are 10 awesome tips to keep in your pocket as you start your journey of going back to the older and fitter you:

1. Set Realistic Targets:

You know your body best, and hence you should be able to set your own weight loss targets. Be fair and realistic to stay motivated and avoid disappointment in your weight loss journey.

2. Rope In Your Man:

Have an early morning workout routine for yourself and trust your husband to handle the baby till you are back. This not only gives you a much-required break but also lets your husband bond with the baby better.

3. Eat Well:

Although you are on a mission, don’t forget you have a baby to take care of. Crash diets won’t work, instead, stick to diet plans which are all about eating small meals frequently through the day.

4. Increase Your Fluid Intake:

Water and nutritional health drinks and juices help you stay fuller for longer as well as help you lose weight faster.

5. Walking:

Walking is one of the most beneficial exercises for women to lose their pregnancy weight. It is also a great way to relax in some fresh air. Walking through the pregnancy also has several advantages including helping a woman deliver normally.

6. Breastfeed:

The longer you breastfeed your baby, more pregnancy weight you loose. Breastfeeding causes the uterus to contract and thereby helps you lose the inches around the middle area.

7. Sleep Well:

When you do not get sound sleep it causes serious disturbances in the body. These disturbances cause weight, skin and other health issues. To prevent this, sleep whenever your baby allows you to.

8. Group Exercises:

Join hands with other mommies who are on a weight loss mission themselves. Having company not only helps you unwind but also helps you follow your workout routine more seriously.

9. Do Cardio:

Cardio exercises like Aerobics and Zumba help you lose that stubborn baby fat faster toning up your entire body.

10. Have Patience:

Remember the thumb rule, 9 months to put on, 9 months to lose. The weight takes the time to go but it’s important to be patient and consistent.

10 Superb Tips To Get Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back
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