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10 Simple Yoga Asanas That Are Perfect For Teens

- 21st June 2017
Yoga For Teens

Teenagers have all kinds of problems these days. From what they look like to who they want to be in life, everything bothers them. If you’ve tried everything to relax the mind and body of your teenager and nothing helped, then yoga maybe the perfect tissue for the issue.

Yoga is an ancient practice but it is definitely trending now. What’s more, it’s all about the mind and body being one with the environment. This holistic regime can be everybody’s choice of exercise, and it’s best to start early.

The Benefits

Benefits of yoga

Yoga flaunts a hipness quotient among happening teens today, and you should be able to easily persuade your teenager to pick it up. Before you start, know some of yoga’s many physical and mental benefits.

Essentially, yoga:        

    • busts stress like magic
    • makes you aware of your body
    • helps provide extra energy to do things
    • helps strike a balance of the mind and the body
    • makes you compassionate
    • emphasizes relaxation
    • helps you concentrate
    • is good for weight loss
    • teaches you to respect your body
    • boosts self-esteem and confidence 
    • makes your body flexible and fit
    • helps you make good decisions

The Asanas

Yoga works on every aspect of your body and mind to make it flexible, fit, and fabulous. It’s each pose or asana has a goal to achieve. Practice makes perfect, and these ten simple asanas are a good way to begin.  

1. Uttanasana, The Standing Forward Fold:


This simple pose works on your hamstrings and calves. It strengthens your thighs, knees, spine, and abdominal muscles. Keep calm and practice this before an exam.


2. Adho Mukha Śvānāsana, The Downward Facing Dog:

Adho Mukha Śvānāsana

Bolster your hands and legs with a regular dose of this pose. Also, de-stress and vitalize your body, while you’re at it. Adho mukha svanasana will sort out symptoms of depression too.  


3. Bhujangasana, The Cobra Pose:


A mood regulator, this pose helps you breathe better and makes you flexible. It is the perfect remedy for digestion problems. If your teenager suffers from asthma, sinusitis, or severe menstrual cramps, bhujangasana is the ideal exercise.


4. Tadasana, The Mountain Pose:


This simple standing pose is the primary basis for all other standing poses in yoga. It keeps your spine strong and flexible. A well-executed variation of this pose works on every muscle of your body and brings it to a steady state. Improve your posture with this pose.


5. Virabhadrasana, The Warrior Pose:


This pose energizes your body. Your teenager will feel like a warrior when set in this pose. It tones your arms, legs, and lower back. With the lack of physical activity in their daily routines, teens experience a strange stiffness in their spines. Virabhadrasana will conquer this stiffness and prepare your child for battle. Try the warrior pose for peace for it brings courage and victory.


6. Utthita Trikonasana, The Triangle Pose:

Utthita Trikonasana

Try this standing pose and feel the rejuvenations in your thighs, knees, and ankles. Utthita Trikonasana brings health to the abdominal organs. Teenagers dealing with anxiety and flat feet will do well with the triangle pose.


7. Vrksasana, The Tree Pose:


Mother Nature always restores balance among all beings. Just like that, Vrksasana, which also known as the tree pose, boosts physiological equilibrium. You stand on one leg, with your hands joined in Namaste against your chest and your head high.


8. Badhakonasana, The Butterfly Pose:


This seating pose focusses primarily on flexibility. Great for your inner thigh muscles, groin, and hip, Badhakonasana relieves stress, fatigue, and menstrual discomfort. If your teenager has been standing for a long time, being seated in the butterfly pose will make him or her feel better in no time.


9. Agnistambhasana, The Fire Log Pose:


One of the easiest seated poses in the history of yoga, Agnistambhasana will make your teenager feel grounded. It stretches the hips and groin, and it strengthens them.


10. Shavasana, The Corpse Pose:


Shavasana is a popular and effective resting pose. In this pose, you lie on the floor, with your feet spread apart and your arms placed away from your body. Practicing this pose is like meditating while lying down. It relieves stress and helps regenerate dead tissue cells.

The ones listed here are just ten simple poses chosen for beginners and they make for a promising start. But as with all things, you actually have to start practicing before you can reap any of the benefits.

So, get your teenager a roll-up mat, and hook them up with the endless benefits of yoga!

10 Simple Yoga Asanas That Are Perfect For Teens
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10 Simple Yoga Asanas That Are Perfect For Teens