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10 Scientific Good Health Tips That Motivates You To Work Out That Extra Mile

- 27th March 2017
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Need some workout motivation desperately? Tired that in spite of all your workouts your weighing machines seems stuck? We all go through these phases when we want to see results from our workout that will keep us going, but that just doesn’t seem to happen. Well, it is easy for us to give you good health tips and wellness tips, but to keep you motivated, here are 10 scientific facts that will make you look at your workouts with a whole new view:

1. Workout for your mental health

We don’t workout only for weight loss for building the muscle, but to keep our body and organs functioning right. Research shows that regular exercise keeps the brain active, keeping at bay diseases like anxiety and depression.

2. Increase the good cholesterol & Fight the bad one

Exercise pumps up the heart thereby helping it manage cholesterol, one of the key factors that cause heart attacks, hypertension, obesity and several other deadly diseases.


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3. Exercise promotes overall wellness

There is very little difference between health and wellness, however, the main point of difference is that while health refers to physical wellbeing, wellness means the overall balance – mental and physical of the body. Exercise helps in attaining this balance.

4. Beat osteoporosis

Exercise acts as calcium for the bones. Regular workout helps in strengthening your bones and muscles which in turn helps in beating diseases like osteoporosis.


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5. Boost the happy enzymes in your brain

Working out and exercising helps in boosting a mood enzyme called dopamine in your brain, which in turn makes you happy and relaxed for the rest of the day.

6. You may not be losing weight, but you are burning calories

It is a myth that weight loss is only seen as a measure on the scale. In fact, a healthy weight loss occurs with the right burning of calories which helps in enhancing the metabolic function of the body.


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7. Shorts burst of high-power cardio can help lose weight

Just when you are tired and set to give up on your workout, is the time when a short burst of intense cardio will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

8. Exercise makes the body agile

You may not see it, but exercise works on strengthening your body from inside and helps improve the balance and flexibility levels of your body.


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9. Increase Immunity

Regular exercise gives your body the strength to fight various germs and bacteria causing illnesses from inside.

10. Exercise improves longevity of life

People who work out for seven hours a week have 40% lesser chances of dying young, compared to those who exercise for less than 30 minutes a week.

10 Scientific Good Health Tips That Motivates You To Work Out That Extra Mile
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