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The 10 Best Positions To Breastfeed Your Baby

- 3rd August 2017

Breastfeeding is important, natural, and a healthy way to nurse your newborn. Undoubtedly, it is a tricky affair and you may not master the skill of breastfeeding overnight. It takes time and practice. If you want to make sure you are getting it right, you need some substantial and experiential information to refer to. So, here it is.

While nursing your baby, you need to be completely aware and sure that you are going about it properly. When it comes to breastfeeding, the way you position your baby against you and the way you hold your baby, matters significantly.

Here are the top 10 breastfeeding positions handpicked for you.

1. Lay Back Position

Lay Back Position

This position is commonly used by mothers from all over the world. It is common because, as the name suggests, it is a relaxed position. The idea is to make sure you and your baby are at ease while you are breastfeeding in this position.

You simply lie back on a pillow and stretch your legs out. You could also place a cushion beneath your knees for extra comfort. Have your baby lie on you, with the baby’s tummy on your chest. Direct your nipple toward the baby’s mouth so that your baby can begin feeding effortlessly. It’s best advised that you carry out this position without your shirt or top and dress your baby in only diapers. This little tip suggests that the baby will be able to connect to his or her natural instincts a lot faster and better if the clothes don’t come in the way of simply being exposed to the mother’s skin.  

This position also helps you lessen the muscle tension you sometimes experience in your arms and back while breastfeeding.

2. Cradle Hold Position

Cradle Hold Position

This is another frequently used position for breastfeeding. In this position, you gently place your baby’s head in the bend of your arm. Make sure you are seated in a sturdy and comfortable chair that also has adequate armrests. If you wish to breastfeed in bed, then surround yourself with as many pillows as possible. Try not to lean down to your baby. In order to not to do that, you should put your feet up on a stool instead of resting them on the floor directly. This slight elevation of your lower body will help you directly face your baby at a level that is good for you both. Place your baby in such a way that your baby is on his or her side, with the stomach, knees, and face directed toward you. With a slight stretch if your forearm and your hand against her back, support your baby’s neck, spine, and buttocks.

In this position, breastfeed your baby for as much time as your baby wants. Most often, women with cesarean babies are recommended not to try this position because the baby, if held this way, can put some pressure on your lower abdomen. That can be uncomfortable and painful.

3. Lay Down Position

Lay Down Position

As the days go by, the laydown position is striking a stronger chord with nursing mothers. As long as you manage to stay awake and alert, you can protectively breastfeed your baby in this position.

In this position, you lie down with your baby by your side. You stay on your side and cozy up with some pillows behind your back. You could also place a cushion beneath your knees and elbow. Slowly direct your nipple toward your baby’s mouth and begin feeding with either breast.

4. The Football Position

The Football Position

In some countries and cultures, this position is also known as the ‘rugby’ position. This is a classic underarm position, wherein you tuck your baby under your arm for a strong hold and protection. This way, your baby’s legs are pointed behind your back and you hold your baby like you would a football.

Use the hand that is closest to the breast you are feeding your baby with to support his or her shoulders and neck. You could also use a few more pillows or bolsters in order to keep them in a safe and resting position.

Mothers who are breastfeeding twins are recommended to use this position for it is convenient and less time-consuming. When it comes to twins, it is always best to feed them together.

5. Side Lye Position

Side Lye Position

This is not a very uncommon position. It is considered to be a very comfortable position for you. Just like the laydown position, you feed your baby while both of you are lying down. The only difference in the case of the side lye position is that both you and your baby can lie on your sides and you can freely breastfeed with the breast that rests on that same side as your baby.

6. Cross-Hold Position

Cross-Hold Position

In the cross-hold position, if you are breastfeeding your baby with your left breast, you should hold your baby with your right arm. Place your arms tight behind your baby’s shoulder crook, grasp your baby’s head with your palm, one thumb behind your baby’s left ear, and your other fingers behind the right ear. Use your other hand, which is available and cup your breasts to smoothly reach your baby’s mouth.

A lot of mothers prefer using this position while breastfeeding because it allows for a firmer grip.

7. The Koala Position

The Koala PositionThe Koala Position

This position helps you as the mother to achieve an effective latch for your baby.

Rest your baby on one knee, make sure your baby’s stomach is in complete contact with your body and that your baby’s spine is erect and aligned. Then cup your breasts and allow your baby to reach up to your breast and start sucking.

8. Chesthold Position  

Chesthold Position

In this position, you hold your baby’s head firmly against the breast you are going to use to feed and pull your elbows together against your chest. This way, you make sure your baby is protected in the sense that your baby doesn’t slip off your hands and fall to the ground.

The chesthold position can be a little tedious and inconvenient for you. Usually, mothers who are deprived of privacy and some space use this position to breastfeed. If you are using this position, you are more likely to be standing while you are it instead of sitting.

9. Assisted Hold Position

Assisted Hold Position

Just literally, in this position, you use external assistance to hold your baby in a position wherein you can comfortably feed your baby.

If you have injured arms, or you can’t use your arms for some particular reason, use this position. This will be easy, convenient, and if you actually have the help, it is worth a try.

10. Twins Hold Position  

Twins Hold Position

Just as the title of this position suggests, if you are a mother to twins, place one child on each of your breasts and feed them simultaneously. This can be fun and a joy to watch both your babies get their healthy dose of nutrition and nurturing.  

It is advisable to perform this position while you are lying down. It’s easier and more comfortable that way.

Find a position that works for you and your baby the best. You can tweak the process of breastfeeding to make it a more enjoyable experience for yourself by constantly changing the positions you use.

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The 10 Best Positions To Breastfeed Your Baby
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The 10 Best Positions To Breastfeed Your Baby